What we offer

Back to Basics Retreat offers custom-made vacations and exclusive tours designed to discover the cultural richness of Italy and its lifestyle.

Travel with Francesca DeFranchis, a native Italian who’ll guide you to unknown destinations and hidden treasures overlooked by tourists. Learn about each city's history, traditional cuisine, and the role food has played in shaping Italian culture. 

If you want to travel to Italy and learn not only how Italians eat, but why our relationship with food is life-changing, you’re in the right place.

Over the course of 8 days, Francesca will show you what it means to live like an Italian.

You’ll feel the history of the Mediterranean in your skin, learn about ancient mythologies through ingredients, and understand why food is tied to Italian patriotism. Visit protected lands and experience ancient cooking methods to be transported back in time.

 Celebrate “la dolce vita” with fantastic dinners and outstanding wine—a quality of life you’ll never forget. Our retreats are designed for people who love Italian food and wine, but also those seeking a cultural immersion in everything Italy has to offer.

Our team is composed of only native-born travel experts who strive for perfection. Tours are  unique to their destination, and they’re personalized by Francesca for each group of travelers. Every region or town offers a different way to learn about Italian culture and territory, from luxury countryside gateways to scenic crystal seas. Experience amazing chefs, historical palaces, fashion and music icons,  drive dream-come-true cars and motorcycles or simply sail at Sunset.

Vacation like you never imagined; eat food you’ve only seen in your dreams; open your mind to a new pace and appreciation of life.

The Only Way Italy Should Be Experienced! 

Your Private Escort

What makes our tours stand apart from the other Italian tours is the creative director and founder Francesca. Absorbing her warm and charismatic persona she enhances the authenticity of this Italian experience. With a passion for fresh foods, a love of cooking, and a career in the events business, Francesca is happy to enlighten you while traveling to the destinations along your tour. Her goal is provide a genuine Italian cultural immersion and she'll find clever ways way to help you understand and appreciate her native country.