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Bike to the Basics


Join us for an 8-day retreat,  An Italian style  tour through on the coast of Puerto Plata. Find the right balance of fitness, adventure, and food.

Roman Empire


Our days will be spent immersed in guided food tasting, archeological tours, and enriching activities which will help us to achieve our goals and create the powerful lives that we want.

Barolo & Truffle


The cultural landscapes of the Piedmont vineyards provide outstanding living testimony to wine-growing and winemaking traditions and constitute an outstanding example of man’s interaction with his natural environment.

San Daniele and Prosciutto


San Daniele, is one of the many fantastic retreats that I offering to guests that would love an Italy vacation and 

"Taste some History"!! 

As well as being the hometown of Prosciutto, the San Daniele of Friuli is a medieval village along the Tagliamento River  and a rich historical and cultural Heritage. 

Sicily and the Salty Beaches


This Tour would be saltier than usual!

Sicilian Salt anciently called the "white gold" still naturally produced on the Island. With this Italy tour, we will discover secrets towns and crystal waters. An Island  that encloses a world of history full of unique cuisine and sweet wines.

Custom tours


 Tours are  unique to their destination, and they’re personalized by Francesca for each group of travelers. 

We customize private tours for both longer and shorter stays, couples, singles tours and business travel as well as special occasions or multiple destinations.