Roman Empire

 I believe we are all filled with dreams of what we want to accomplish, of whom we want to be, and how we wish to live our lives. 

Food is our main ingredient and when we engage it with history you realize how powerful it can be. 

Traveling back in time when everything was discovered and we were experimenting, the food was a magical aphrodisiac. We used it to cure us, or to take devils away, to keep you young or to slow our aging.

Such a fascinating culinary experience to enrich your life now.

We will travel to alluring destinations powerful in history, ancient places full of passion.

Our days well be spent immersed in guided cooking workshops and archeoligical tours and enriching activities which will help us hone in on how to achieve our goals and create the powerful lives that we want.

Back to Basics Retreat ~ Rome 

Monday, September 16 to 

Monday, September 23

Ancient Rome


2 days in Rome


2 days in Frascati


Castle Sermoneta


2 days in Castle Sermoneta

back to rome

1 day in Roma