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Francesca Defranchis

Founder, I Love Italian Food NYC

I am an Italian ambassador and a passion seeker, an animalist in my heart and my soul, but omnivorous by profession. 

Francesca DeFranchis comes from Rome, Italy where she acquired a masters degree in Marketing and Fashion from the Italian Fashion and Design Institute, and has, since moving to New York, consistently carved out her unique career by pursuing her own personal passions and interests. Whether coordinating large events, producing videos, or fundraising for a humanitarian effort, it is always connected in some way to one of her several personal endeavors – Food, Fashion, Arts, Culture, and Animal Rights.

Choosing an unconventional career path can no doubt be difficult but one of its rewards is personal growth. It is her development as a person concerned about issues involving poverty, children, economic injustice, and social equality, that have brought Francesca to two enterprises  – Foundation Mileto (a non-profit humanitarian effort in the Dominican Republic and Haiti) of which she is one of the business founders, and Imperfectu Festival (an annual cultural event focused on gender art and politics) for which she acts as Coordinator. Both Mileto and Imperfectu capitalize on her greatest skill – the ability to communicate and connect with people in a deep and meaningful way; a very important skill in today’s world, in which personal connections are becoming highly needed in an increasingly technology driven world.

Francesca continues to believe that her passions will fuel her, leading to meaningful projects and work to be fully involved in.



 I am an Italian ambassador, and a passion seeker, an animalist in my heart and my soul, but omnivores by profession.

My paternal grandparents came to Rome from Libya. As a child, I was often in the kitchen with my grandmother who was an avid cook, a master in combing classic Italian and Arabic dishes. My mother is from Tuscany, and my grandmother influenced her cooking skills, and she learned to fuse three different Italian cooking schools: Southern (mixed with Arabic), Roman, and Tuscan. Growing up in a patriarchal family, I was introduced to traditional female duties such as cooking, and as a result, I learned how to cook, distinguish flavors and recognize the varieties and freshness of ingredients. 

I am the founder of I love Italian Food NYC a platform created to express all my passion for the culinary world. 

I am traditional style Italian cook, focused on authentic Italian recipes.

I believe in the power of old flavors and traditional cooking methods. During my event your senses will be often challenged; enjoying a well-cooked meal while listening to the history and the passion associated with that dish will open your mind first and then will allow your palate to discover the full experience of flavors.

My experience in the culinary industry and coordination ranges from small dinner to large social or corporate events. 

You can contact me with any questions I will be delighted to accommodate your event by offering various services from planning, cooking and managing.