Bike back to the basics - we immerse you in a tropical paradise; in a timeless environment for you to rediscover the precious gifts of life and reconnect with your soul. 

At this unique cycling retreat, in the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic and an Italian Twist, we combine physical training and a diet of local cuisine to educate how to heal through food, rejuvenate your mind and body.

We  also  offer beach workouts, cycling, sunset sailing and a variety of outdoor adventures.


WELCOME to Back to Basics Series


This 8-day eco-bike tour through the coast of Puerto Plata balances fitness, adventure, and education through delicious cuisine from historic recipes. The cycling routes are decorated with folkloristic pit stops where you can hydrate and recharge with local fruit and foods. Treat yourself to a Refreshing beer at the end of your route!

The journey will alternate between pristine beaches, indigenous paths, mountains, caverns, and waterfalls. Your cycling guide Juri, is a professional trainer who will physically and mentally challenge you to expand your boundaries.

Bike Back to the Basics is a unique excursion invented by Francesca a native Italian who channels all the values of the Italian lifestyle into this retreat. The mission is to de-stress your mind, restore your body, tantalize your palate, and revitalize your soul.

This conceptive food and training program is distinguished by its culinary route. Every day is the optimal balance of sport and leisure. Nourish your spirit from the energy of the sea and embrace the vibrations of nature. Indulge in traditional cuisine and wind down with refreshing signature cocktails.

Your experience is made richer by the connection you make with the amazing people behind the local businesses that are frequented along the tour.

Bike to Basics is a cultural retreat that you need to experience at least once in your life.

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  • 8 days /7 nights accommodations in the Puerto Plata area of Dominican Republic
  • Biking trip to each destination
  • Guided Hike to Rio Damajagua and 27 Charcos waterfalls
  • Boat trip to the paradise of Caio Arena
  • Trip in kayak to Baja Bonico river
  • Cocoa workshop in a Eco Sustainable Farm
  • Sport Massage
  • Daily meals with Drinks and Training Snacks with Beverages
  • Roundtrip to/from Puerto Plata Airport.

Fitness and Training

Each day you will be biking to a different location, trained at each destination through different difficulties and energized by natural meals.


In between our routes will be plenty of free time to relax, reflect, and recharge. Unique resorts, uncontaminated beaches, massages, amazing meals under palm trees!


Tours and destinations are subject to change based on weather conditions. 

You can bring you own bike or simply rent one of ours for an additional cost of $100

Our trips are 50% refundable with a cancellation until the 14th day prior departure. At 13th day prior departure no refunds are available.


Day 1


Pick up from the airport and welcome to the Hotel Rancho del Sol in La Isabela. Relax time at the Carabella de Colon. Individual training preparation with Juri. 

Dinner at Local Restaurant  

Day 2


Breakfast, bicycle pick up, and departure to Luperon with visit to the Marina, Playta, Playa Grande, Lunch, relax time and return to La Isabela.  

Total 33KM + 17KM 

Day 3


Breakfast and departure for Ensenada, lunch and boat ride to Cayo Arena and Manglers then bike ride to Finca la Protectora with dinner and accommodation. 

Total 26KM + 44KM 

Day 4


Breakfast and return to Isabella, visit to the Museum of La Isabella Historica Free time, sport massage. Q/A & dinner 

Total 27KM  

Day 5


Breakfast and departure to Playa Cambiazo, lunch and check in to Hotel RIU in Maimon. Free time, Dinner 

Total 30KM + 19KM 

Day 6


Breakfast, departure for Imbert lunch at Damajagua and excursion at the 27 Charcos Waterfalls, return to La Isabela, dinner 

Total 21KM + 45KM

Day 7


Breakfast , Kayak excursion, lunch, massage, free time and

 Dinner Party

Day 8



 Bike return and departure to Airport.

* We highly recommend to book flights suggested but we understand exceptions and you are welcome to stay!!

**Different time arrival or departure will be subject of a fee for transportation.

About Juri

Juri Fabbri


Juri Fabbri from Pietrasanta, Tuscany, practiced athletics since 1987. When he was 33 years old, in 2006 he began his sports career in the triathlon and was 3rd place in 2006 and 2nd place in 2007 in his Italian Age Group.

In 2008 he retired, because of Injuries, to the Dominican Republic where the passion for the sports has turned into a mission to educate young people to sport and them offering an opportunity for life. 

Castillo of Isabella is a small village of 400 inhabitants where Juri trains them in athletic sports like triathlon, and modern pentathlon.

Some of these kids are national athletes today and have won gold, silver, and bronze medals. Tirelessly he motivates them, and patiently reopens their doors by teaching the value of competition, to fight and believe in ourselves for more opportunities and a better life.

Juri 's Italian restaurant, the Carabella of Colon, is the base for this Italian style cycling retreat. 

It does not matter if you are sportingly experienced or not , Juli will give you the opportunity to learn about cycling and training to reach your potential (physical) limits.


Bike to Basic Retreat


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Way to Travel : Guided Group

Activity : Cycling

Level : Moderate

Group Size : 5-10

Min age : 25