“Offering you the perfect balance between history, passion for cooking, the pleasure of eating and traveling the world will be my biggest challenge.” 


Back to Basics Retreats

 Our platform is created to express what we love about food. An unconventional culinary school, a new concept that combines visual experiences, touch, and taste with the natural and organic ingredients of world cooking.

Acquiring new knowledge, learning to love the value of ingredients, and distinctive flavors are the key elements in creating your dishes and gaining confidence in your kitchen, healing while your eating. 

History of Passion

Back to Basics Retreat is a traditional form of rejuvenation, by taking our guests to unknown destinations to experience these unconventional vacations about food and cultures, languages and history. 

Designed to offer our guests unique experience with food and customs in an accessible, fun and social way.

You will find inspiration, you will experience a hands-on approach to the food, and you will learn side by side from amazing chefs about historical cuisines and ancient flavors while discovering exceptional destinations still unknown from maps. 

Furthermore, you will thrive on nutritious food and relax by cooking and eating. 

On each journey, you will also enjoy activities with new friends, meditate at sunrise and sunset, and be thrilled by eco-adventures and wellness activities. Furthermore, you will thrive on nutritious food and relax by cooking and eating, and you will return home with a renewed sense of well-being and purpose.

Visit the site, discover my passions, experience travel in a new way, and take it to a different level at one of my retreats!

Upcoming Retreats

Past Retreats

Key West, Florida


 January 24 to 26, 2018

Join us at the Key West Food & Wine Festival

Italian cooking series!

3 day Italian retreat & workshop.

An intensive course of Italian 

cooking, tasting, eating & sipping 

while in Paradise!

Day 1: Trofie al Pesto

Day 2:  History of Meatballs

Day 3: Risotto alla Milanese al Tartuffo

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Dominican Republic


October 12 to 16, 2018

Visiting Luperón, located on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, instantly reminded me of my parents’ life and childhood home back in Italy. Surrounded by nature, where everything is so fresh and electricity isn’t always a guarantee, this retreat will give you the chance to slow down, recharge, and go back to a simple, less hectic way of living.

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Key West, Florida


January 27, 2019

Historical Journey of the Culinary Culture of Key West:

Sharpen your palate with this blind tasting event focused on Key West's Culinary Culture & History. No need to be intimidated—we’ll give you all the tools you need to taste your way through this One of a kind sensory experience. 

Turn up your personal food & wine  knowledge.

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